th Thai


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Scrub scrub from Arabica coffee beans, finely ground without brewing. Contains caffeine that stimulates the skin to help revitalize and revitalize old skin cells to reveal new skin The coffee grinds into beads, removing dirt in the pores completely. As well as mixing wild honey that nourishes the skin. Reduce orange peel skin on the groin, elbows, not cut the skin. Feel from the first use.

To use  : Apply a moderate-sized scrub cream to theskin. Use hands to dab the water onto the skin. Exfoliate the body gently in a wayIn a circle for about 15-30 minutes for the beads to carry the cellsDead skin comes out





มะกรูด เป็นพืชในสกุลส้ม (Citrus) มีถิ่นกำเนิด ในเอ