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Aloe vera soap formulated with mineral powder and aloe vera.

  • Helps get rid of bacteria
  • Reduce inflammation of the skin and reduce acne.
  • See results within one cube
  • No chemical ingredients

75 ฿268 ฿



Monae Stone Soap with Aloe Vera Formula

FDA No. 50-1-6000596

No. 13 Halal G2780190560

It is a skin care soap product that helps look at the face and body with the most efficiency. Both to prevent, nourish and solve skin problems at the same time With a selection of ingredients that are precious extracts from nature Standard quality products from Thailand With folk wisdom Uphold acne strengths with fresh aloe vera extract mixed with natural mineral stone powder. See results within a single cube aloe vera formula This soap is an innovative work using natural preparations, extracted from rocks to form mineral powder. It cleans the pores and reduces clogged acne. Suitable for sensitive skin. Pore tightening. Exfoliate skin cells Anti-inflammatory of the skin Kills germs, especially bacteria that cause acne. Helps digest the residual makeup from the pores completely. Therefore, solving the problem of clogged acne well, there are 2 sizes to choose from: size 20 g. and size 120 g.

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